The Internal Affairs Service (lAS) although a part of the PNP has the attribute of an independent and autonomous unit which empowers it to act on matters within its jurisdiction without having to wait for instructions from the Chief, PNP. Pursuant to Section 39, Republic Act 8551 such powers are:

  1. a) Pro-actively (of its own accord: motu- proprio/automatically) conduct inspection and audit of PNP personnel and units;
  2. b) Investigate complaints and gather evidence in support of an open investigation;
  3. C) Conduct summary hearings on PNP members facing administrative charges;
  4. d) Submit a periodic report on the assessment, analysis and evaluation of the character and behavior of RN personnel and units to the Chief PNP and the Commission,


  1. e) File aopropriate criminal cases against PNP members before the court as evidence warrants and assist in the prosecution of the case,
  2. f) Provide assistance to the Office of the Ombudsman in cases involving the personnel of the PNP.

The Internal Affairs Service (lAS) also conducts motu-propio, automatic investigation of the following cases:

  1. Incidents where a police personnel discharges a firearm;
  2. Incidents where death, serious physical injury or any violation of human rights occurred in the conduct of police operation;
  3. Incidents where evidence was compromised, tampered with, obliterated or lost while in the custody of police personnel:
  4. Incidents where a suspect in the custody of the police was seriously injured; and
  5. Incidents where the established rules of engagement have been violated.

Finally, the lAS shall provide documents or recommendations as regards to the promotion of the members of the PNP or the assignment of PNP personnel to any key position.