Office of the Regional Director, RIAS 

1. Provides policy direction in the conduct of regional inspection, audit and investigation of PNP personnel and units; and provides assistance and coordinative action to the national office in the conduct of such inspection and audit; 

2. Reviews existing rules and regulations, programs and operations of the PNP regional organization and submits reports and recommendations to the IG, IAS on the efficiency and effectiveness of the administrative programs and operations; 

3. Reviews, evaluates and resolves resolution/recommendations of the Provincial/City/District IAS; within his jurisdiction; 

4. Insures that powers and functions of the RIAS are effectively exercised and implemented including policy directions formulated by the Inspector General; 

5. Represents the IG, IAS in regional conferences whenever his presence is required; 

6. Submits reports to the Inspector General on all matters affecting the disposition of cases including the over all performance of the region; 

7. Exercises administrative supervision of all regional IAS personnel.


Office of the Deputy Regional Director, IAS 

1. Assists the RD in the performance of his duties and responsibilities; 

2. Takes over the place of the RD in his absence; 

3. Represents the RD in conferences, dialogues and meetings; and 

4. Performs such other duties and functions as IAS, RD may assign.


Administrative Division 

1. Provides administrative, personnel support/assistance and general services to the members of the IAS in the region; 

2. Formulates training plans and workshops for the members of the IAS; 

3. Undertaken liaison services with the PNP regional office including other governmental and non-governmental agencies on matters relating to the IAS areas of functional interest; 

4. Acts as the regional repository of IAS records; 

5. Serves as the all-source clearinghouse of members of the PNP involving administrative and criminal cases in the region; 

6. Maintains accurate and up-to-date records of administrative and criminal cases against PNP personnel; 

7. Keeps up-to-date records of all IAS personnel as well as all PNP personnel together with their places of assignments; within the region; 

8. Performs other tasks as the IAS regional director may direct.


Inspection and Audit Division 

1. Conducts pro-active Inspection: assist the national IAS office during the Annual General Inspection/Operational Readiness Security Inspection Test and Evaluation (AGI/ORSITE): and Special Inspection to determine the character and behavior, and state of discipline of PNP personnel and units form the National Headquarters down to the lowest police community blocks or precincts within the region; 

2. Conducts management audit on all PNP units and offices to determine the condition, effectiveness, inadequacy and management of assigned resources to accomplish the assigned mission; 

3. Identifies obstacles that hinder the accomplishment of the PNP units or offices with regard their mission and functions; 

4. Establishes strong liaison between the PNP units or offices and the community or clientele such as the local government, church, non-government organizations and business sector in order to determine the quality of services and the attitude or behavior of the police towards these various sectors; 

5. Renders periodic report on the result of inspection and audits and assessment, analysis and evaluation of the character and behavior of PNP personnel and units; and 

6. Performs such other functions as the IAS Regional Director may direct.


Legal Affairs Division 

1. Conducts hearing and adjudication of administrative cases of PNP members with the approval of the IAS RD; 

2. Resolves all motions for reconsideration; 

3. Coordinates with cognizant government legal and judicial authorities in the prosecution of criminal cases involving PNP members falling within the IAS sphere of functional interest; 

4. Provides and renders legal opinion on matters relating to the IAS areas of functional interest; or otherwise submits to the national offices questions involving policy, jurisdiction and other matters involving IAS function;