1. Investigate complaints and gathers evidence in support of an open investigation; 

2. Evaluate evidence to determine existence of probable cause, prepare Pre-Charge Investigation Report (PCIR), recommend for dropping/closing of complaints for lack of probable cause or file formal charges before Summary Hearing Officer after finding probable cause; 

3. Undertake prosecution of administrative cases involving PNP members before Summary Hearing Officers; 

4. Gather/evaluate evidence and assist in the finding of appropriate criminal complaints before the courts as evidence warrants including the prosecution thereof; 

5. Provide assistance to the Office of the Ombudsman in cases involving PNP personnel; 

6. Undertake/initiate motu-proprio investigation against PNP personnel involved in irregularities, anomalies, misconduct or serious crimes even without formal complaint filed; 

7. Maintain accurate docket/records/files of PNP personnel subject of complaint. 

8. Prepare/submit monthly or other periodic reports as required; and 

9. Performed such other tasks as the Inspector General may direct.


Administrative Support Section 

1. Serve as the Division’s coordinating unit for administrative, personnel and finance matters including its supplies and logistics requirement; 

2. Maintain efficient recording/filing system and manage accurate statistical data; 

3. Receive written complaints and other pleadings for recording in the Docket Book; 

4. Receive incoming communications and recording the same in the Record Book; 

5. Record outgoing communications in a separate Record Book for dispatch; 

6. Prepare/Submit monthly or other periodic reports; 

7. Provide clerical support to the Divisions; and 

8. Perform such other assignments as the Chief of Divisions may require. 


Complaints Evaluation Section 

1. Conduct interviews of complaining witnesses, prepares documentations and validation of complaints; 

2. Evaluate complaints, serve notices to PNP members complained against, conducts clarificatory questioning in an open pre-charge investigation; 

3. Prepare Pre-charge Investigation Reports (PCIR) for review and approval of Chief of Division; 

4. Conduct motu-proprio investigation in coordination with IID IAS and other police operating units from within and without the IAS upon prior approval of the Inspector General; 

5. Assist/coordinate with Prosecution Branch in the prosecution of the administrative cases before Summary Hearing Officers and assist in the prosecution of criminal cases involving PNP personnel; 

6. Maintain separate files of administrative complaints filed against PNP members for reference and cross reference purposes; 

7. Attend to such other duties as the Chief of Division may require.


Prosecution Section 

1. Receive/evaluate Pre-Charge Investigation Reports (PCIR) after finding of probable cause for preparation of proper charge; 

2. Participate in the active prosecution of administrative cases before Summary Hearing Officer; 

3. Coordinate with and assist in the prosecution of criminal complaints initiated by IAS against PNP members before the OMBUDSMAN, Sandiganbayan or other courts of law; 

4. Prepare appropriate pleadings as may be required in the prosecution of administrative cases; 

5. Maintain separate case records of administrative and criminal cases against PNP members for reference and cross-reference purposes; 

6. Attend to such other duties as may be required by the Chief of Division.