1. Superintend the conduct of motu-proprio/automatic investigation on cases enumerated in Sec. 39 RA 8551 

2. Undertake, supervise and provide intelligence operations in support of IAS investigation; 

3. Prepare, conduct and supervise the general and specialized training of IAS intelligence personnel; 

4. Superintend all IAS intelligence functions and motu-proprio investigation; and 

5. Perform other tasks as the Inspector General may Direct.


Investigation Section 

1. Conduct motu-proprio investigation relative to Sec . 39 RA 8551; 

2. Collect, collate and consolidate information and evidence in support of an open investigation; and 

3. Perform other task as the C, IID may direct.


Intelligence Section 

1. Formulate policies and guidelines on intelligence and CI operations 

2. Determine intelligence requirements task allocations and disseminates Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIRs) as needed or required by the Inspector General; 

3. Keep intelligence data for reference; 

4. Maintain a dossier (derogatory or exemplary) of all PNP Officers for reference re assignment and promotions of personnel; 

5. Coordinate with the Police, Military intelligence units on matters of Mutual interest; and 

6. Perform other task as the C, IID may direct.


Research Section 

1. Responsible for the upkeep of intelligence record and investigation files; 

2. Prepare accomplishment reports, analysis, reports after operation reports, intelligence brief, other electronic data processing generated reports in relation to the operations conducted and the production of intelligence; 

3. Conduct of technical support operations and the management of the information/database system; and 

4. Perform other task that C, IID may Direct.